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Affordable Healthcare Act

So, I caught myself on facebook, one day talking to someone about the Affordable Healthcare Act. I started by asking, “Can anyone tell me the difference between the Affordable Healthcare Act and Obamacare?” Ready?  Go! I then proceeded to finish my status by saying, “I know the answer but do you?”

The conversation went something like this:

Friend: I know they are the same thing, but why do news anchors change their wording? They will say, “When this Obamacare or The Affordable Healthcare Act takes place.’’ That is what messes people up, but…They are the same thing.

Me: Media influence people drastically. I can’t stand that people believe everything they read, without doing through research. If they say “Obamacare” then people can blame our President and the House and Senate come out squeaky clean.  

So as I sit here and ponder what this world is thinking? The health reform is approaching usm and very quickly. Stop thinking of “Obamacare” as the correct name for it is Affordable Healthcare Act. The Affordable Healthcare Act is meant and made for us Americans so that Insurance companies cannot hide what they don’t want us to know anymore. They have to be up front about what is accepted and what is rejected. There is no more going to the doctor and the getting a bill because insurance doesn’t cover a certain procedure.

We are in a governmental shut down right now over the Affordable Healthcare Act and many, many American’s haven’t the slightest idea as to why we are shut down yet they place blame on our President. Well, let me throw this out there: Yes, the Affordable Healthcare Act is going to require some money to be given out to fund it, however the government has been shut down now for somewhere around 8 days. Each day that the shut down continues, it cost the government 3.3 billion dollars to be shut down. So far we are at 26.4 billion dollars that is going to have to be spent when they reopen. When they could have stayed opened and worked things out, while normal operations remain in effect. The easiest way I have found to figure out more information for you and your family’s healthcare is to go to https://www.healthcare.gov, answer a few short questions and view the options available for yourself, as well as your family.  

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